Saturday, April 30, 2011

Book Review: A Cowboy's Touch by Denise Hunter

A Cowboy's Touch (A Big Sky Romance)Book Description from the Back Cover

Abigail Jones intends to spend just one summer in middle-of-nowhere Montana with her Aunt Lucy. Time away from her job is just what Abigail needs to reassess her life. The slow pace has her breathing deeply for the first time in years. And the majestic scenery encourages her to get reacquainted with herself...and God.

What she didn't count on what the handsome widowed cowboy who owns the ranch where her aunt lives. When the rancher loses his daughter's nanny, Abigail decides to lend a hand for the summer.

Wade Ryan can't help being attracted to Abigail. But he's given up everything to protect his daughter, and he's not about to risk it all on a pretty face.

Under Abigail's care, Wade's home and daughter thrive. And with Wade's touch, Abigail's heart feels at home at last. But Abigail knows this elusive rancher is hiding something. Will her own secrets separate her from the cowboy who finally captured her heart?

My Thoughts

This story is about a young career woman whose stress level has gotten so intense causing physical issues that her mother had to intervene and send her on a much needed trip away from the busyness of life. As an investigative reporter, Abigail was sure to dig up some dirt anywhere she went, even on vacation. And dirt she found in the form of a cowboy with secrets.

The mystery in this book was the best part and I wish the author had dug more into that piece of the story and less on the unappealing romance storyline. If you like a good cowboy in your story, Wade definitely fit the bill. I found myself wishing I could meet one myself. All in all, not a bad read.

Disclaimer: I received this book free from The B & B Media Group, Inc for this review. My thoughts are solely mine and not anyone else's.
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