Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Art of Sushi

This past Saturday, I joined my mother's side of the family for a Sushi Thanksgiving. I know, sushi for thanksgiving??? But let me tell was dee-licious! My aunt ordered an abundance of fresh, raw fish and crabs and shrimp from California. My grandfather spent all morning making three large bowls of rice and I arrived just in time to help roll the sushi. My uncle Don taught me how to make a perfect sushi roll. And then later, I had the pleasure to teach my uncle Darren how to roll sushi. I left out a few steps when teaching him...but that's all turned out just right.

Not too shabby...if I say so myself. I have decided that I enjoyed the experience so much that I am going to add sushi making items and dishes to my Christmas list this year.


  1. Looks delicious! I love sushi! Steph and I have always wanted to make our own sushi...what do you recommend to get started? My family is having lasagna for Christmas dinner...very traditional, right?

  2. Lance, I think we are actually having lasagna for Christmas dinner this year too. :-)

    I don't have much experience making my own sushi yet...but I asked some advanced sushi makers. Some sushi supplies can be purchased at some local grocery stores, necessary ingredients like cucumber, avocado, salmon, etc. You can usually purchase the Nori there as well. Sauces may be found in the ethnic foods section. The bamboo sushi mat may also be there as well. Buy a short-grain rice and find a recipe for making sushi rice.

    If you want to get really fresh, nice, yummy fish...a good place to order from is Catalina Offshore Products.

    What's neat about making sushi yourself is you can try all kinds of combinations and get creative and its a fun activity to share with someone or a bunch of someones.

    Let me know how it turns out when you try it.


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