Sunday, July 17, 2011

Book Review: Love Finds You in Snowball Arkansas by Sandra Bricker

Book Description

The Love Finds You series of full-length novels give readers a peek into the flavor of local life across the United States. The novels are uniquely named after actual American towns with quirky, interesting names that inspire and are just plain fun! This means that each fictional story draws on the compelling history or unique character of a real place.

In Snowball, Arkansas, so what if Lucy can't hook a fish. She has a plan to snag something else...and his name is Justin.

My Thoughts

Lucy's plan to get what she believes is the right thing for her backfires on her over and over again. She fails miserably at being something other than what she is because she believes that is how to obtain her goal. In the end, Lucy learns that not only is it easier to just be yourself, it also places you in the right opportunities.

I found it interesting a whole book could take place in a weeks time and still move at a good pace. First time I have read Sandra Bricker. She has a charming voice and created characters that felt unique and alive.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Book Review: Against All Odds (Hereos of Quantico Book 1) by Irene Hannon

Book Description from Goodreads

For FBI Hostage Rescue Team member Evan Cooper and his partner, dignitary protection duty should have been a piece of cake. Unfortunately, Monica Callahan isn't making it easy. Estranged from her diplomat father--who is involved in a sensitive hostage situation in the Middle East--she refuses to be intimidated by a related terrorist threat back in the States. That is, until a chilling warning convinces her that the danger is very real--and escalating. As Coop and his partner do their best to keep her safe, Monica's father triggers an abduction that puts his daughter's life at risk. And with every second that ticks by, Coop knows that the odds of saving the only woman who has ever breached the walls around his heart are dropping. After all, terrorists aren't known for their patience--or their mercy.

My Thoughts

I went into reading this book a little skeptical because I felt it would have a high cheese factor. FBI agent protects damsel in distress. And sometimes when I read these so-called suspense thriller type books, there's no real thrill. If there is a crime such as a murder, it's so sugar coated its not believable.

But, Irene Hannon surprised me with this one. Characters actually got their throats slit and beat up and blown up. I mean, there are terrorists in this story. They are not nice people. I liked that the reality of the situations the characters were in was not diluted. All in all, nicely done.

Okay, so there still was a little bit of the cheese factor with the big tough FBI agent and the damsel he rescues.

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