Thursday, December 3, 2009

Movie Review: The Christmas Card

Ok, I know I am supposed to be writing about books and sushi on this blog...but I decided to write a little recap on a movie I just finished watching...The Christmas Card, a Hallmark Original Movie.
The story is about a lonely soldier serving in Afghanistan who receives an "any soldier" Christmas card from a woman in a small town out west. She comes from a very loving, close-knit family and that is reflected in the personal card she sends to this "any soldier."

What is written in the card is what carries the lonely soldier through some difficult times and when he is sent home on leave, he ends up in her small town hoping for a glimpse of the life and family he wishes he had.

Not only does he get a glimpse but he is welcomed into the family with open arms, but not without some obstacles. Ed Asner plays the woman's father and along with Peter Jason as Uncle Richard, the two old men add wit and humor to the cast.

Watch the movie and find out if the lonely soldier finds what he was looking for in small town USA.
The Christmas Card

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  1. I love The Christmas Card! It is my 'feel good' movie no matter what time of year it is. Plus I've been to Nevada City very often and it is as lovely as the movie depicts! I love it there.


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