Monday, December 14, 2009

A Currier and Ives Christmas

A few days ago, I was hunting around my mother's house looking for a book to read. I was in a specific reading mood and nothing I found satisfied my "taste buds." I made my way out into the garage where my mother had a plastic bin of books she had taken off her bookshelf when they moved into the house.

Digging through the books, I came across A Currier and Ives Christmas: Four Stories of Love Come to Life from the Canvas of Classic Christmas Art. Since its the Christmas season, I thought I would go ahead and read it.

The compilation of short stories are written by Lynn A Coleman, JoAnn A Grote, DiAnn Mills, and Deborah Raney.

Later that night, I got in bed and opened the book to the first page of the first story. I discovered it was autographed by the author, Lynn A Coleman and addressed to my grandmother, Carolyn. Before beginning to read, I lay in bed remembering my grandmother. She passed away last summer unexpectedly. I was unable to see her before she died. Christmas just won't ever be the same without her. For as long as I can remember, she has spent a few weeks with us every Christmas. She and I baked Christmas cookies, went shopping and had lots of laughs. The memories painted themselves in my mind just like the lithographic prints produced by Currier and Ives in the 1800s.

Here's my Grandmom...
Carolyn Cornelia-Cole Evans Stebbins


  1. I will miss "Sis" too. By the way, wasn't Lynn A Coleman the lady that co-wrote Rachel's first book? The name sounds very familiar. Also, you didn't mention the book again... Did you read it?

    Blessings, C. Schoff

  2. Chris, That is correct....Rachel did write Lambert's Pride with Lynn Coleman.

    I am halfway through the Courier and Ives book...there are four novellas in it. I will post a "review" when I am finished the book.

    So far, though, its pretty good. Brings in the Christmas spirit and makes you feel like you want to live in one of those lithographs by Currier and Ives.


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