Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Book Review: Lonestar Sanctuary by Colleen Coble

Allie Siders and her daughter Betsy have experienced several tragedies in their lives. They need to escape a danger that threatens them and the only person who can help them is at the Bluebird Ranch in Texas hill country. Little did Allie know that she would discover so much more at the Bluebird Ranch than just assistance and a sanctuary. And even in such a beautiful sanctuary, Allie could not escape the danger. Rick Bailey, the ranch foreman and the one person who can help Allie and Betsy, was in for a surprise when Allie and Betsy showed up at the ranch. He was forced to reconcile his past and make good on a promise.

Even though this story is dubbed a Western Romance, Colleen Coble has added an element of danger and suspense to the story line. At times, the suspense had me on the edge of my seat and even a little scared.

I would have liked to have seen more development of the storyline reference Allie's past and her connection to the Bluebird Ranch. Once it was realized, I wanted to dig deeper into that aspect of the story. Also, while I understood Allie and Rick's relationship was thrown together out of necessity, I never quite believed in the realness the relationship took as the story progressed.

Overall, Lonestar Sanctuary was a good read and I have really enjoyed the Colleen Coble books I have  read. Colleen adds the element of suspense to the Christian Romance genre that most authors do not have and so it makes her stories stand out a bit from the crowd.

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