Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Book Review: This Time by Rachel Hauck (e-book)

This Time is an e-book written by Rachel Hauck from the early days of her writing career. It is one of my favorite stories written by Rachel. The story is about a love lost from years gone by that has been given a second chance...but will it be different this time around? Retired NFL player Burke Benning returns home and is reunited with his first love, Belle Jamison. For Belle, his return uprooted her life and made her confront feelings she has buried for years. After all, he inflicted the ultimate pain, something not so easily forgiven or forgotten.

This story made me feel hope that all wrongs can be righted and that something you believe is gone forever can come back to you. Rachel created good characters in Belle and Burke. When reading their stories, you feel a comfort when they are together and look forward to the next time they meet up or run into each other knowing that each time they do, a little more of the wall is chipped away that looms between them.

I recommend anyone who has an e-reader of some sort to purchase this book and enjoy the story of Burke and Belle as they discover what this time around holds for them. You can purchase a copy here.

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