Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Ornaments...

Years ago, I went into a Christmas store and saw all these themed Christmas trees....all Santa ornaments or all Snowmen ornaments. At that moment, I decided i wanted an all Snowman and Snowflake Christmas tree when I grew up. I bought my first ornament for my dreamed-about tree.

Once my Aunt Lori heard about what I dreamed about, she started buying me Snowman and Snowflake ornaments and decorations. I have enough to decorate my entire place now! Here are some of my favorites...

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  1. Hi Sheree;
    I enjoyed the photos of your Christmas ornaments.
    While our two children were growing up we always gave them a special ornament each year, one that would have meaning to them, like a little person skiing. Now, when we visit our son in MA. It's like a trip into the pleasant past to see those ornaments on his tree.


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