Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sushi Review: Thai Thai House (West Melbourne, FL)

Thai Thai House - 215 Palm Bay Rd NE

Earlier this week, my cousin came in to town unexpectedly and so we decided to go for some sushi and a movie. I picked Thai Thai House on Palm Bay Rd because it is a new place and had heard good things about it.

The atmosphere was nice...very simple yet tasteful decor. It's a small place and you may feel crowded when you first walk in....but we never really noticed the other people sitting around us.

The sushi was really tasty and fresh and priced well. The chef was creative in his presentation of each roll. The one thing I would have liked better was for the waiter to have brought out all four rolls at once. I like to switch around as I eat sushi. Instead the waiter brought out one roll at a time. But, his waiting skills were top notch.

We ordered the J.B. Roll, Volcano Roll, Spider Roll and Dragon Roll. All rolls were really good. I always order at least one roll with cream cheese in it and the Japanese Bagel Roll happens to be my favorite cream cheese roll. My favorite of the night was the Volcano Roll. It comes out with baked fish piled on top and warm. It was melt in your mouth yummy! And the award for the Best Presentation goes to the Dragon Roll. The chef made a dragon out of the sushi roll.

All in all, it was a good sushi experience and I would definitely recommend Thai Thai House on Palm Bay Rd for a sushi night out. One last thing I would like to mention, the rolls seemed larger than normal to me. So four rolls was a bit much for two people. My parents certainly enjoyed the leftovers later though.

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