Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Ride That Won Me a Real Live Buckin Bull!!!

A few weeks ago, I took my nephew to the Professional Bull Riding competition in Tampa. I entered a contest where you make a prediction on a particular bull rider's score that night. If they draw your name and announce it prior to the ride AND you end up having the right prediction, you win a $9000 bucking bull with championship bloodlines. I entered and they did not draw my name. My nephew was disappointed.

When I got home, I found out you could enter the same contest online. So I did. I mean, what are the odds really that your name would get selected AND you would actually predict the right score. The score is half the rider's performance and half the bull's performance. So unpredictable. Who is to say the bull rider could even stay on the bull for a full 8 seconds. I received an email a few days before the Oklahoma City Express Classic PBR event on Friday, February 12, 2010 that said I was selected for the ride of the night and if the rider got the same score that I guessed I would win a bull. The score I guessed was 84.75. It was actually the same score I used a few weeks ago in Tampa. I put absolutely no thought into my guess the first time or the second time I entered. I just randomly picked a number out of my head.

I worked that weekend and so I didn't even remember to check the scores on Saturday to even see if I won. Monday morning, I received another email stating that I had won the ride of the night and that I now was the proud owner of a real live bucking bull that will compete in the 2013 "minor leagues" of bull riding for a million dollar payout. SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Seriously, what are the odds that you could actually win this contest??? Lesson learned: always be prepared to win whatever the prize is if you enter a contest. LOL! I actually believe that God wanted me to have this bull. And so my goal now is to find out why. I have until Sept 2011 to make plans...and that is when I have to take over possession of my bull.

Below is a video of the night in questions event....if you advance to 8:38 can see the ride that won me a buckin bull!!! And if you watch through the replay of the ride, they even announce my name as a winner! I AM A WINNER!!!! I already knew that cause God loves me but now I am the proud parent of a sweet little nasty rank buckin bull!!! Hopefully that sucker will win some money!!!!

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