Thursday, November 4, 2010

Book Review: Heat Wave by Richard Castle (Audiobook)

byRichard Castle Heat Wave (Nikki Heat)

Description from
The title character from ABC's hit television series Castle kicks off his new series of books featuring tough and sexy New York police detective Nikki Heat with a bang.

My Thoughts:
If you watch the ABC Hit TV Show, Castle, and are any type of fan...this book is a must read! It reads just like an episode of Castle. Each character you love in the TV series can be found in the book...just the names have been changed. And if you haven't seen a Castle episode on ABC, first, watch it! and second, I know you will still thoroughly enjoy the book.

I have started a new job in which I have to commute 45 minutes each day. So, I decided a great way to utilize that time was to catch up on my "reading" via audiobooks! I love it! Only problem is I get so wrapped up in this book, I almost miss my turns! The narrator of the audiobook even sounds like an good ol boy from the NYPD. Makes you feel like you are there!

I don't want to give away too much of this story other than, if you like Castle, get it! There is at least one murder and a mystery behind it! The characters are funny and fun! Take note, it is not PG, meaning there is adult content in the book. I am looking forward to reading the next Richard Castle book, Naked Heat, in the near future.

You can purchase the book at Amazon. Heat Wave I purchased the audiobook through and listen via my DroidX which works really well.


  1. I enjoyed today's blog. Lots of fun information, Sheree.

  2. This really is a good book. Very fun! I enjoy listening to it on me feel like I am actually watching an episode of Castle.


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