Saturday, October 23, 2010

Book Review: The Lord Is My Shepherd: The Psalm 23 Mysteries by Debbie Viguie

The Lord Is My Shepherd: The Psalm 23 Mysteries

Read somewhere recently that this book was a free download on Amazon Kindle. So, loving a good mystery, I downloaded it! 

Book Description from Amazon:

Cindy’s church is getting ready to celebrate Easter, and Jeremiah’s Temple is preparing for Passover when Cindy literally stumbles over the body of an unknown man lying dead in the sanctuary. The church was locked, and a bloody cross necklace on the floor seems to be the only clue. The killer is likely a member of the congregation, but there are hints that similar deaths have happened in the past. Are Cindy and Jeremiah dealing with a serial killer? They have to unravel the clues before Easter Sunday arrives and more people die.

Cindy and Jeremiah come from two different worlds, even though they work right next door to each other. Cindy is a strong Christian who lives a normal but somewhat dull life, working as a church secretary. Jeremiah is a Reformed rabbi with a mysterious past full of danger and excitement. But one eventful Easter/Passover week, the two find themselves working together to solve a murder and stop a serial killer from striking again. Solving the mystery should put an end to their alliance, but the church secretary and the rabbi quickly find themselves enmeshed in another mystery. Soon the two form a friendly alliance and friendship, exploring personal history and faith and growing closer with each passing adventure. Despite their differences Cindy and Jeremiah find a lot of common ground.

My Thoughts:

Who doesn't love a good serial killer story??? I haven't finished this book yet, but I am finding that I am enjoying the mystery so far. I like how the two main characters come from two different faiths and are building a friendship beyond their individual beliefs. They can even find humor in each other's beliefs and yet still respect each other. 

I have to say though, because I haven't finished this story, I am not entirely convinced yet that the rabbi, Jeremiah, isn't the killer himself. Guess we shall see. 

One thing I have noticed is the author hasn't really given a detailed description as to what each character really looks like. But, I have become so engaged in the mystery, it didn't occur to me till well into the book that I really didn't have a clear picture in my head as to what each one looked like. Hmmm...that's a bit weird for me because I usually picture each character of a book in my head so vividly as I am reading their stories. 

Oh well, back to the mystery at it the rabbi? Or maybe it's the reporter guy who also attends the church where the murder occurred. He seemed a bit odd to me. I'll keep reading and keep you posted.  Oh, and if you want to read it for yourself...pick up your copy here of The Lord Is My Shepherd: The Psalm 23 Mysteries.

UPDATE: So, I am still suspicious of the rabbi but now the reporter/friend, Oliver is looking even more guilty each page I read. There is definitely a mystery afoot!


  1. I totally freak myself out with books like that. I always read them at night for some reason. Well, I did before the dude was born and I actually read more than a book every couple of months. HA!

  2. i do the same thing...seems the only time i pick up a creepy book to read is at night right before i go to sleep. not sure why i keep doing that to myself. LOL! one book that really creeped me out was Adam by Ted Dekker. I read that while i was on vacation in a remote cabin in the Georgia about scary! HAHA!


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