Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sushi Review: Toyo Sushi & Asian Grill

A couple weeks ago, a good friend of mine came through town and we met for sushi with a few people. We tried a new spot in Viera, Florida, Toyo Sushi & Asian Grill. The atmosphere was pleasant, modern decor and subdued lighting.

Because its been a few weeks, I have forgotten the names of all the rolls we tried there except for one, the House Roll. As soon as I saw this one on the menu I knew I had to try it and it certainly did not disappoint. It is sort of like a Rainbow Roll in that it has the rainbow of fish curved along the top of the roll. The surprise ingredient inside the roll is banana. Each bite contains just a hint of the banana and it was oh so yummy! (The House Roll is the one in the front of the picture.)

The prices, I feel, are on the average to pricey side. The service was excellent. The atmosphere pleasant. We ordered a total of 5 rolls and it fed 5 people just right.

The pictures are from my cell phone and not so great, but you get the idea. :-)

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